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Review : Charming Olivia by Grace Harper


Grace Harper was a new author to me but i was quite keen to read “Charming Olivia’ as the club made it sound quite an entertaining and steamy read and that was exactly what it was. 4 stars for this book as I really enjoyed the read.

As a straight laced romance novelist Olivia has decided she wants to venture out into writing more of an erotica genre of books. There is a problem though and quite a significant one at that, she doesn't have much erotic experience when it comes to sex so she doesn't know what to write to make it believable. This is where her online friend Jack comes into it. 

Jack is into erotica and loves his lifestyle. He is very much into BDSM and offers Olivia the chance to come and watch and learn for a week. Although unsure about doing this to start off with she relents as she knows she needs some experience to pull off the writing the was she wants to. She is strict about the not getting involved and he is keen to have her.

Jack and Olivia were great characters and not what I was expecting to be honest. I had somehow assumed Jack to be uncaring and arrogant when he was anything but. It’s not often that you get pulled into believing that someone can fall for a person while watching them touch and pleasure others but thats what happens. Olivia and jack are so right for each other but she wants to keep him at arms length.

This was a steamy story but was also full of emotional moments that i just hadn't expected really and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Told from a dual point of view allowing you to get to know the characters better. There are some secrets and surprises that i wont say as don't want to spoil it but there is plenty going on to keep your attention and make you want to have more from the series. Always great to find a new author that you enjoy like this and for them to have a writing style that captivates you so am thrilled to have done just that. Definitely recommend this read and will be looking out for the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Louise G.