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Review : Crazy Stupid Perfection by Melissa Toppen

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Crazy Stupid Perfection is book three in the Crazy Love Series and can be read as a stand alone. I had not read the previous two books however after reading this fantastic read I made sure to one click the others as well. 

Melissa Toppen did a great job in bringing to life these characters. The story line was wonderful and the players well developed. It had a little bit of Crazy, some stupidity on the part of some and a WHOLE LOT OF PERFECTION ! A story of a forbidden love that was so right yet so wrong in the eyes of some. 

Charley and Paxton have known each other for quite some time. Paxton is like a brother to her own Brother Gavin thus making any relationship between them off limits. Love however doesn't always listen and fate always has something else in mind. One moment in time where they let their emotions run free and they are forever bonded. Neither can forget and neither can summon the strength nor courage to act upon the feelings they have for one another. Until a girl comes home to find the boy she always wanted waiting ... 

After returning home Charley faces her childhood love once again. She comes home jaded, broken and looking for comfort. When these two reunite sparks fly and feelings that they have fought to remain dormant re emerge. 

What happens to two people who's chemistry is undeniable yet their love and sense of honor get in the way? Will Paxton finally have the courage to claim the girl who has claimed his heart ? Will the past make an unwanted appearance and spoil everything ? Will love win ? 

Filled with twists and turns, heart break, laughter, love and passion, Crazy Stupid Perfection is a one click must for any romance lover.