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Review : Daring The Bad Boy by Monica Murphy


So yeah, I really loved this sweet little tale of two teenagers falling in love. The story was based on two teenagers who meet at summer camp, Annie and Jake. Annie was kind of the odd duck at her school and she was hoping at camp to change all that. Then there was bad boy Jake, who is trying to reinvent his bad boy appeal. He was trying to make himself better, to an extent.

This story was just an overall a good story. The content was extremely easy to read, and it flowed quite nicely. Daring the Bad Boy really took me back to my days of being a teenager and crushing hard on a boy. All the feelings Annie felt for Jake, was so spot on with teenage love. As an adult, I did get annoyed with some of teenage behavior in the story. However, it really made the story more realistic. Still annoyed the heck out of me, how immature teenagers can be sometimes. 

But overall, I loved it. I felt great after reading it. If life didn’t get in the way of my reading, I would have finished this book in a day. Looking forward to reading more by Monica Murphy. 

My rating is 5 lovely stars.

Reviewed by Kris F.