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Review : The Darkest Link by Scarlett Cole


 ‘The Darkest Link’ by Scarlett Cole is the 4th book in the ‘Second Circles Tattoo series and actually my first book by Scarlett and most definitely not my last. I was thoroughly entertained by the wit, drama and great characters in this 4.5 star read.

This book revolves around Lia and Reid, Lia is a strong, feisty and independent female tattoo artist. Being a tattoo artist means she is going against what her father wanted for her and for himself really to further his political aspirations by doing what she enjoys. She has the style and looks of a pin up girl and the personality to go with it. When stranded at the side of the road in a small town she is relieved when a sexy guy on a motorcycle stops to help.

Instant attraction between Lia and Reid leads to a one night stand and both of them don't expect or want anything more when going into it. Best laid plans and all that as one night isn't anywhere near enough for them once they have a taste and they then find ways to be together again.

When Reid the sexy and mysterious mechanic tracks her down after being presented with the opportunity to go there his old world and the new world he has created for himself collide spectacularly. Walking into the tattoo shop there is no more hiding from him and he must now confront his past to be able to move forward. Racked with guilt Reid doesn't feel deserving of love but with Lia she just takes so much of that away and makes him feel good.

Sparks are flying because of the chemistry between Reid and Lia, it made for a thrilling and entertaining read. The witty banter between them along with emotions such as passion, attraction, guilt and forgiveness will have you engrossed in this book and not wanting to put it down. There is also plenty of drama and angst to entertain you. Even with the feistiness of both characters it doesn't detract from how lovable and sweet they were too.

Overall this was a thrilling and entertaining read that had so much more going for it than I had imagined. Even though this was my first read of the series and the final instalment I enjoyed it so much that I went and purchased the other books so I could read them all in sequence. The writing by Scarlett Cole is tremendous and I fully recommend that you check this series out.

Reviewed by Louise G.