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Review : Dirty Little Lies by Lora Leigh

***ARC Provided By Author In Exchange For An Honest Review***

Family lies, deceit, and passion is something you will find in ‘Dirty Little Lies’ by Lora Leigh.  This book will take you on a roller coaster of a mind game, trying to figure put everything that is going on and "who did it".  I love books like this because I love the mystery and how well they make your mind process everything you are reading!

Grace Maddox is part of a family that has a horrid past of lies and betrayal among family members.  Her mother was murdered by a family member, and now everyone is trying to figure out who it was.  Whoever murdered her mother, is out to get her because Grace supposedly has clues to things her father was figuring out before he was killed.

Zack Richards is the one boy that Grace has loved almost her whole life.  He suddenly acts like she is non existent and falls off of her radar, but what Grace doesn't know is that it is to protect her.  Zack has a lot of secrets he’s keeping from everyone, but his uncle, owner of Brigham Security Service just kicked him into gear on getting to the bottom of why and who is out for Grace.

When Zack suddenly appears at Graces house after she is attacked, he is not the same Zack she remembers.  This Zack is rugged and tougher and throws Grace for a loop.  Hes bossy and shes not one to take it with as stubborn as she is!  Grace and Zack collide and it creates great tension within the story and keeps you wanting more.

So many characters to keep track of, but they are all ones you will be liking more and more as the story unfolds!  

I give this story 4 solid stars because I loved the mystery side of it.  It kept me guessing the whole time and it was definitely not what I expected in the end!  I love mind play type books, and Lora also did a great job with the chemistry between Grace and Zack.  They can definitely explode when the tension got too high!!

Reviewed by Jodi N.