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Review : El Diablo by M. Robinson


 Author M. Robinson is definitely brilliant. El Diablo was one of the best books that I have read in a while. She for sure holds up her name of the Queen of Angst!

Alejandro Martinez is born into the life of being a boss, just like his father. He had no choice in the matter, it's just what he was going to do in life...and boy was he good at it. He is intimidating, ruthless, cunning, smart, and made to be a Boss in every sense of the name. No onesies against him, but if they do, they're done. He is the definition of power.

Everyman has an Achilles heel, and Alejandro's happened to be Lexi. He wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her and wasn't going to give up until he had her. He tried to stay away. He really did, by just couldn’t.

Lexi and Alejandro try to both fight the feelings they have for each other and even have huge obstacles, but nothing can stop them. Their pull is too strong for either of them to resist.

In my opinion, this is my absolute favorite book by M. Robinson to date. Every book she writes just seem to get better and better, and this one really takes the cake. She can make you feel so many feelings in one book, that it is absolutely intriguing and keeps you wanting more, more, more!

Five very enthusiastic stars!

Reviewed by Jessica S.