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Review : Epic Love by Trudy Stiles



 ‘Epic Love’ by Trudy Stiles is the third book in the ‘Epic Fail’ series but cant DEFINITELY be read as a stand alone and you will still love it. I haven't actually read the first two books in the series so like most am always a bit worried that i wouldn't understand bits but this is so not the case with this book. I loved this book and give it 5 stars.

This book is a second chance romance between Heath Strickland and Noelle Durand who after 12 years apart come together again to start a new journey. Heath and Noelle grew up together, living next door to one another and were best friends. For Noelle the time she spent with Heath was the best times she had and provided respite from her home life. A friendship like their’s can only turn into something more and they only have eyes for each other and they love each other deeply. Unfortunately tragedy strikes and Noelle disappears leaving Heath devastated. Never thinking he will ever hear Noelle’s voice again Heath is shocked to the core when she reaches out to him. 

Heath Strickland is the son of a district attorney and grew up with security around him due to the people his father prosecuted. His escape from this was Noelle and music. It is 12 years since he has seen Noelle and he is now the lead singer in a hugely successful band. As a writer for the band many of his songs are influenced by Noelle and his love for her and her disappearance provide much inspiration. Not much of a player nowadays he has a on again off again fling with a girl he has known since childhood and for Heath that is all it can be as he still aches for Noelle.

Growing up with a loving dad and a nightmare stepmother Noelle would spend all her free time with Heath if she could. Unfortunately for her though her father works away and she is left with the wicked stepmother who doesn't like Noelle to have much in life and often stops her from playing and hanging out with Heath. That doesn't stop them growing up to fall heavily for each other and make plans to go away to college together. However before they can escape to college Noelle finds out some secrets and has to disappear and no one knows where to.

I loved this couple and even though I knew the blurb the back and forth point of views and time scales had me dreading the worst and thinking that something else was going to happen from what I expected. The connection they have and the love that they share is epic and all consuming, definitely not the kind of love that fades, even after 12 years. They really were the best when together and getting to know them growing up was wonderful, agonising and heartbreaking in equal measure. My heart went out to Noelle and the strength she showed. The journey they go on together is also an emotional one and a way for them to reconnect and get to know each other again. I will be going back to read the other books and will be looking out for more from this author.

Reviewed by Louise G.