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Review : Fighting To Be Free by Kirsty Moseley


 As a big fan of Kirsty Moseley it is no great surprise that I was jumping at the bit to read her latest book and was thrilled with what I read. ‘Fighting To Be Free’ is a 4.5 star read for me as I fell in love with Jamie Cole and went through a whole variety of emotions with him and Ellie throughout this book.

Just released from a Juvenile detention centre Jamie is intent on starting afresh and making changes in his life so he doesn't repeat what he had done before and get sucked back into his old life of stealing cars. Unfortunately for him life has a way of making choices for us and he can’t escape as easily as he thinks. 

Although sworn off women Jamie is instantly drawn to Ellie. She is a sweet, caring, loyal and supportive character and I just loved the banter they had with each other. It is later in the book when we learn of Jamie’s past that you get to see just how great she is with how she handles it. However there were parts that frustrated me with Ellie and she did show her young age (I don't know if it was because I haven't read any young adult books for a bit or if it was just the character) and that was a bit of a set back for me. It could also be that in comparison to Jamie she hasn't had to face much adversity in her life yet and although he has aged beyond his years she is yet to grow up. That all being said it didn't irritate me enough to put the book down or to not appreciate it as a whole.

This book really tugs at the heartstrings and in particular when Jamie is reliving his past did I find myself getting emotional. Jamie is a that contradiction of sweet and loveable bad boy that you want to save. Jamie and Ellie’s relationship develops fast but they way it is written and because of how they are written it works and is believable. There is drama and angst throughout and enough obstacles that they face that keeps you reading. I really felt invested in the characters but especially Jamie. I can’t get enough of Kirsty’s books and will be counting down the days until I can get the next book in this series.

Reviewed by Louise G.