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Review : Loving London by Ellie Wade

***ARC Provided in Exchange for Honest Review***

Words are hard to say right now for this whole series by Ellie Wade.  ‘Loving London’ was the perfect third book in a great series and I love the way Ellie wrapped everything up.  She took us on such an emotional roller coaster with this whole series, and the end of the ride was perfect!

London is miserable because she is still waiting to hear from Loic over in Afghanistan after Cooper is killed.  She doesn’t know how to deal with this everyday silence and it is slowly killing her inside.  No matter how much she writes to Loic, he is not responding and when he finally does, he tells her it’s over.  Two words is all he gives her and she just doesn’t want to believe it.  Things happen and London finally realizes she needs to find herself and takes off for LA to work for the newspaper out there.  Maybe some time away and space from wanting Loic so much will heal her broken heart.

Loic is lost in himself.  He just realized what happened in Afghanistan and cannot come to terms with the fact that his life has been turned upside down.  He is suffering and cannot seem to come out of the hole he built for himself.  As much as he thinks of London, he cannot seem to bring himself to go back to her.  He feels she will leave him after she finds out the whole truth about what happened and how he is now.  With the unexpected show from Sarah on his doorstep, his days pass with lots of TV and listening to the now pregnant Sarah babble on and on about her new baby to be.  What Loic doesn’t realize is the game Sarah is trying to play and with him in the state of mind he is in, he might just play into it?

Ellie made this whole series such a roller coaster of emotions.  Love, sadness, anger… all of the emotions will leave you wanting more.  So many times I felt like I wanted to crawl into the book and just smack everyone around and yell “What are you thinking?”  The characters were amazing and all of the passion that Ellie put into them, makes the reader fall for them with each word they read!  I love Ellie’s writing style because she will take you to an ultimate high and then bring you down and leave you breathless.

London and Loic were two of my favorite characters of Ellie’s because of the way she transformed both of them throughout the whole time frame of the story.  London led a totally different life of luxury and partying, until Loic changed all of that for her.  She did a complete 360º basically with each passing story.  She learned to become a more independent and compassionate person.  Loic did that to her.  With all that he has had to deal with in life and growing up, he was able to open up her eyes to a whole world that was different from hers.

5 Amazing stars for Ellie and I cannot wait to see what she is up to next.  She is always a go to author for me and will always be!

Reviewed by Jodi N.