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Review : For Better Or Worse by Lauren Layne


'For Better or Worse' is part of the 'Wedding Belles' series by Lauren Layne but no prior reading is necessary but the previous books are an enjoyable read too. This was a 4 star book for me.

We have met Heather Fowler previously in this series but not to a great extent. Heather is the assistant to one of the best planners out there but is set on being more than just an assistant. She wants to be a wedding planner and in order to get promoted she has to prove her worth when presented with the opportunity to be in charge of a wedding. Heather is dealing with the huge amount of pressure and stress of this wedding as the bride is uncooperative and won’t budge on certain aspects making things difficult for Heather. So, with all that stress she really doesn’t need to be dealing with a noisy nightmare of a neighbour.

Josh Tanner is a musician who practices at all hours meaning he is disturbing Heather’s sleep and sleep is something she definitely needs in order to keep her going. When she knocks on his door she finds the most amazing looking male specimen. With his banter and wit Josh not only won Heather over but me also and it helps that he is sexy as sin. Of course this leads to a friendship and flirting between the two which leads to friends with sex situation. This casual sex relationship isn’t what Heather wants as she wants more.

Heather and Josh both have their crosses to bare, reasons why they are the way they are. Both characters are very likable and Josh is very easy to fall for which only makes this read much more enjoyable. Lauren has given us characters that are passionate, that build a friendship that grows into more and we go right along for the ride. This book is a great mixture of sweetness, fun, charm and heat but also provides us with a love story that entertains from beginning to end. I have really enjoyed reading these books and would recommend them to all hopeless romantics and I am certainly keeping an eye out for the next book.

Reviewed by Louise G.