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Review : Imperfect Love by Isabella White


Isabella White blew me away with 'Imperfect Love'.  This book had all of the feels that only a reader could ask for in a book.  She had me falling in love and then broke my heart!  I laughed my butt off at the characters, and then I cried with them when heartbreak and turmoil happened.  I was so engrossed in this book it took a miracle to get me to put it down.

Holly Scallenger is heartbroken.  Her fiancé cheated on her one week before the wedding and now she had to call it off and be the bad guy, even though she did nothing wrong.  Her friends and co-workers are even telling her to get rid of him, so she finally does it after she had actual proof of his infidelities.  Lonely and heartbroken, she goes to one of the only places she can, hoping her friend will take her in after she didn’t listen to her in the past about leaving Brandon.  She’s in an angry stage and it just happens to land her in the sights of Leo’s (Holly’s best friend Bernice’s husband) friend, Jake.

Jake Peters comes from a family of distinguished doctors as well as other medical field workers.  He is enrolled in medical school to follow in the footsteps of his parents, after an unexpected turn of events with his cage fighting career.  A weekend spent away with friends at an outdoor music festival sets Holly Scallenger in his sights after he has to attend to her broken hand.  What starts as a fun filled weekend with friends, turns into a whirlwind romance that leaves you swooning for Jake Peters.

I laughed so much through about the first 50% of this book.  Holly is hilarious with her thoughts and actions and when combined with Peter, they were even funnier.  Holly has a mindset on “screw men forever” and Peter changes her mind after he woos her.  He’s dreamy, charming, and apparently great in the sack ;)  Falling hard for him is not something Holly need, but it is hard not to do with Peter’s charms.  The only downfall is his mother, who Holly is terrified of, along with the whole P&E Hospital group.  She’s ruthless and always in her kids business because she believes school comes before relationships.

After the laughter and love, comes the tears.  This book had me reaching for the Kleenex quickly with everything that happens after the ideal romance starts.  Hearts are broken and in my opinion, lies are formed.  So much is going on with everything, and of course it’s a series so it leaves you hanging a bit.  That is ok though because I love the anticipation and hope I can get my hands on book 2!

I give this book a solid 5 stars and cannot wait to see what happens for Holly in book 2!  I know what I want to happen ;)

Reviewed by Jodi N.