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Review : Joint Venture by Kristen Luciani


Kristen Luciani’s latest book is another instalment in ‘Venture” series but “Joint Venture’ can be read as a standalone. If you have read the other books in the series this will be a must for you and if not it is a great read al the same and introduces you to characters from past books. It is a 4 star read for me.

A.J. Morgan and Lisa Embry are brought together by chance and they continue to be thrown together again and again. In these encounters A.J. somehow seems to be coming to Lisa’s rescue, even when its not wanted. 

A.J. is everything you want in a leading man, he is a sexy alpha with plenty of charisma and charm. Although like any good male lead he if full of arrogance and cockiness too but he can definitely carry it off. There is of course more to him than this and he too has hi issues and is a little broken inside.  As for Lisa she is a beautiful, self assured, independent and strong woman who is more than capable to look after herself although she is prone to a few disasters. She in no way needs a man to look after her and definitely not one with the reputation that A.J. has. 

This story is a fast paced, easy and enjoyable read. Lisa and A.J. are a sexy couple of people that no matter how hard they tried they couldn't get enough of each other and couldn't stay apart. Both similar in not wanting anything serious but when you meet that one person things change. Although some parts are predictable to romance story lovers there was still a few surprises to keep you interested. Although with the writing, characters and banter there is no way that you cannot enjoy it. A great read as a standalone but would recommend not missing out on reading the other books first.

Reviewed by Louise G.