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Review : Joshua by Jennifer Foor

** ARC provided by the Author for an honest review ** 

The Mitchell | Healy Series comes to a close with the latest installment, Joshua. Jennifer Foor did a fantastic job in closing the chapter on one of my all time favorite Series. I have read and re read every single one since the start and in doing so have to come to love them. This gifted author has ALWAYS kept up the bar and even raised it in every single book. The characters remained true and the story lines always unexpected, enticing and beautifully written. 

Joshua has his hands full and is in one heap of a predicament. The past comes crashing into the future and relationships will be tested. 

What does one do when the person they thought they have loved since forever turns out to be an illusion? Joshua is head strong, sexy, funny and full of himself. A chance encounter turns out to be the turning point for him. When beautiful, smart and sassy Tamsyn walks into his life, all that he thought true will be tested. Together they will try each other, make the other better and break each others hearts. The question is will they will be able to repair it as well. 

With the help of his family and Tamsyn, Joshua will begin to finally become the man they all want him to be. Laughter, heart ache, passion reigns true with every flip of the page. 

Will Joshua finally find true love with Tamsyn or will his past Liv make a move to shatter all the progress he has made, as a man and a boyfriend.

Will the playboy get the skittish girl of his dreams or lose her forever to a love he thought was true?

You will not disappointed with the read and will be eagerly turning the pages of this sexy yet heart breaking story.