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Review : Just One Week by Alice Gaines

***ARC In Exchange for Honest Review***

‘Just One Week’ by Alice Gaines was a great quick read for anyone that likes a forgiveness and second chance read. Alice did a great job with squeezing the majority of the plot into a one week scenario with lots of situations from the past, and of course putting a small time hop into the end of the story.

Michelle Dennis has a PhD in biochemistry and is one of the smartest people her family knows.  Shes traveling back to her old hometown for an anniversary party for her "pretend" parents from when she was growing up and the one thing she doesn't want to encounter is her childhood crush, Alex Stafford.  If she could avoid him all week, she would be able to go to the party and then head home without having to think about the reasons that she left eight years ago and never looked back.  Fate just isnt in the cards for her because the first person she has to see when she gets off the plane is the one man that she absolutely hates, but can still make her heart flutter.

Alex Stafford is a pro football player who is home for his parents anniversary.  He knows that Michelle will be there and he wants to solve the issue they have between them that started eight years ago when she left.  He knows he hurt her and he wants to make it right, but she won't let him, at least that is what he is thinking.  He really tries, but she keeps shooting him down, until she decides to let it ride for the week since thats all she has to see him for.

I found myself laughing a lot with this book because of Alex's family.  They are absolutely hilarious and I loved his mom bc she is the ultimate matchmaker and a definite "I told you so!"  These two are so stubborn with each other because she cannot get past what happened eight years ago, and he cannot get past the secret that he doesn't want to tell anyone.  He is a football player after all and this secret could ruin his image.

Alice’s characters were great, the storyline was great, and especially the ending was great!  If you are a hopeless romantic, this book is for you!  Definite 4 stars!!!

Reviewed by Jodi N.