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Review : Kicker by Josie Kerr


This is the first novel that I have read by this talented author but it will not be the last. The first in the DS Fight Club Series, Kicker is so much more than I expected. Josie Kerr has done a phenomenal job in being able to focus on the characters and the beautiful story line without letting it become over shadowed by the Fight Club aspect. The flow was perfect and the characters well developed. 

A story of two people each battling their own demons. Self doubt, family troubles and drama plague both. How they deal with the past without letting it taint their future is the true brilliance of the story. 

Charlotte and Tig are polar opposites in some aspects and completely compatible in others. They understand each other and when things heat up the story starts to get a whole other feel. One of passion, determination and FIGHT .. 

Will these two be able to overcome their own demons or will the obstacles thrown in their way at every turn burn out the flame that has begun to burn ?

Kicker is a fantastic way to kick off a series that I can't wait to read more of.