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Review : Miss Goddhue Lives For A Night by Kate Noble


‘Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night’ by Kate Noble was a first for me by this author and also happens to be book 2.5 in the ‘Winner Takes All’ series. Having not read the other books I wasn’t sure was I was in for with this novella and was pleased to find that I enjoyed it and give it 4 stars.

I’m a big fan of historical novels and also second chance romance was thrilled with the prospect of having both themes in this quick light and fun read. You get drawn in from the get go and I would imagine that like me there will be many who will just read this in one sitting as you won’t want to put it down.

Miss Celia Goodhue is a teacher and is living with her sister and brother in law who disapproves of Celia and her past. When she was 16years old Celia attempted to elope and was ruined by the result as the wedding never took place. Now Eleanor, her cousin is about to do the same and in an attempt to find her Celia comes face to face with her past suitor Theo Hudson.

Aided by Theo Hudson in her attempts to find her cousin, Celia is forced to deal with her feelings for Theo and what seeing him again does to her. What we find is that a huge misunderstanding had happened and that kept them apart breaking her heart in the progress.

This is not as heavy as many historical novels I have read over the years and would say it is a good introduction for many who want to give a historical romance a go. There are plenty laughs with the tasks that Celia is set with and the secondary characters add to the story. It’s a great read and I hope to read more from this author in the future and will be going back to look at some of her previous books especially the ones in this series.

Reviewed By Louise G.