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Review : Nitro's Torment by Nina Levine


After just reading ‘Relent’ the first book in the Storm MC series I was thrilled to be able to just jump straight into the next book. Each book can be read as a standalone but I imagine that like me once you have read one book you will want to read more so why not read in order. This was another 5 star read for me from Nina Levine.

It has to be said that Nina definitely has a gift for making you fall for, empathise and get invested in the bad boy biker. These guys aren’t the nicest of guys and have all done things that aren’t nice but somehow she makes you fall in love with the nice guy on the inside and find their hearts underneath their harsh exteriors. This is exactly what she made me feel for both books in the Storm series and I am hard pushed to decide if I prefer Kick or Nitro as my book boyfriend.

We find out as we read that underneath the harsh bad guy persona that Nitro gives off is a softer, protective, compassionate guy that has been broken down. Nitro has a past that he can’t escape from and this hinders him from moving forward meaning he keeps Tatum at a distance. Not wanting to let anyone in it is by seeing his interactions with his family we see just how sweet he can be. However even though he tries to keep Tatum at arm length she breaks down his barriers and the chemistry between them is off the charts. The passion between them jumps form the page whether it be physically or through the banter and stubbornness of them.

Tatum is a brilliant character. She is strong, feisty, independent but most of all understanding and compassionate when it comes to understanding Nitro. In no way is she perfect and also feels broken by her past but this just allowed for me as the reader to like her more and pray for their happy ending.

These two characters are made for each other and I was enthralled right from the beginning of their story and didn’t want to do anything until I got that book finished. The writing style of Nina’s is flawless and she pulls you into the world of the Storm MC and its characters in such a way that you feel that you are there right along with them as we witness everything unfold in front of us. Like her other books there is a whole range of emotions and feeling that are evoked throughout making sure you feel what is happening deep inside pulling at your heartstrings. This is a brilliant read, with amazing characters and I would recommend this book to all.

Reviewed by Louise G.