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Review : Pretty Stolen Dolls by Ker Dukey and K. Webster


WOW!!! When I saw that these two authors were writing this book together I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and damn, it is AWESOME. I can’t express well enough just how much I loved this book, it's a huge 5 stars from me for 'Pretty Stolen Dolls' by Ker Dukey and K. Webster.

This is in no way a light read and it may cause alarm to some so be warned before you begin. That being said I loved how dark it was and the excitement and thrill of reading it. Both authors are amazing in their own right so putting them together has produced a brilliant read. The story focus on the tale of Jade and her sister Macy who are abducted as children and at the age of eighteen Jade manages to escape but is unable to free her sister too. Their abductor Benny is a collector and maker of dolls and not just the toy kind. When Jade escapes he will do anything to get her back and jade will do any and everything to catch him and free her sister.

The excitement of reading this book really sparked something in me that I had been missing in reads of late. As a fan of all book genres but having focused on various tropes of romance it was a breath of fresh air to get my pulse going because of the psychological thrills provided in this book. Believe me the pace and descriptions of events will keep you hooked and not wanting it to end.

Jade is a great character that you really feel for but even doubt at times if things are real or is it just her that sees things. Determined to rescue her sister has seen her joining the police force to give her the tools to stay on the hunt for Benny. Years on from her escape and Benny decides he has had enough of trying to replace his dirty little doll and wants her back where he thinks she belongs. He goes to great lengths to get her too.

Assisted in her hunt by Dillon her partner who she has only recently really connected with and really seen who he truly is. Dillon is a great alpha male that you would love to have protecting you regardless of how close he needed to get. He really understands the need to end this and the punishment that Benny deserves for what he has done.

I don't want to give away spoilers but overall this is a brilliant fast paced read with so many twists that you wont be able to put it down. I stupidly started reading it before bed and that meant I was up all night to read it cover to cover as I needed to know what happened. I couldn't recommend this book enough and would urge you to read when you have time to read it all as its not a story you want to walk away from until it’s finished. Brilliant book!

Reviewed by Louise G.