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Review : Project: Killer by J.L. Beck


‘Project: Killer’ is the first book in the Project series by J.L. Beck. This is a story with a little of everything with romance, second chances, young friendship, suspense and a dark dangerous lead alpha. This is a solid good 3.5 stars for me.

As an employee as of a pharmaceuticals company that deals on finding cures for all kinds of serious illnesses Maggie tries to help someone with a cure but unfortunately it doesn't work. Maggie and Diesel are young friends that develop feelings for each other over time but Diesel is terminally ill so nothing happens. They tried their hardest not to fall for each other but it was to no avail. Then as far as she knows Diesel dies. Maggie is insistent on finding a cure for cancer after her best friend and first love lost his life to it even if it means working for someone she despises.

Years later we get introduced to Killer and we see the dark brooding dangerous man that he. He has been modified into a killer, by my name and nature. He is an experiment and has had his memory wiped clean until he starts to have flashbacks. It took me a bit to like Killer as there is not many redeeming qualities about him to begin with but things changed for me and I did feel for him.

There is a lot going on in this book and at times I struggled keeping up with what was happening on when it was happening. The best way I can think to categorise this is as a thriller/suspenseful romance  book. It’ a fast paced read with a cliffhanger that will force you to read ‘Project: Rogue” as its a must to know what happens. This is great book idea and is good intriguing read that will keep you hooked to the end. 

Reviewed by Louise G.