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Review : Relent by Nina Levine


I’ve only read one of Nina Levine’s books before but loved it so was keen to see what else she can do. I have to say I loved this book as much or more than the other I read, 5 stars from me for ‘Relent’.

Everything Evie loves goes wrong or they leave her she has never had an easy life growing up and now as an adult isn’t any different. Dealing with a loss is not an easy thing to cope with and we look to those we love for comfort and it can often bring people together. Having not seen Kick for a year and it has been three years since they went their separate ways her body knows no different but to react when he is near.  No time apart makes a difference to the intense pull that they both have towards each other regardless of how much Evie would like for there not to be.

“God, why do you hate me? Why do you send temptation my way when you know it will only lead to more heartbreak?”

There never has and never will be anyone else for Kick, ever since he was young he has wanted Evie. The last time they parted he thought it was for the best, keeping her from his world would keep her safe and not keep her in the dark from the kind of man he now is as he is not sure he could cope if she truly knew him and rejected him. However now that he sees her again he admits to himself just how much he wants/needs her. She is his light, his heart and he can’t live without her.

Together the two of them are can face pretty much anything. They have been there for each other since they were children whether the other knew or not. Both wanted and loved the other but were hesitant, those feelings have only grown through the years but King made some choices and now being part of the Storm MC is something he may just be regretting.  Knowing that this was a book about a biker I knew that the hero in it would be a bad guy of sorts and I must say you tend to forget that as you are rooting for Kick and Evie to find their way back to one another again. I loved that you got flashbacks and little snippet of the two of them growing up and how they were there to back the other up, it gives you a sense of the closeness both then and now.

King is a great bad boy wanting to be better (I won’t say good as I am not sure he would know how) but being who he is and what he has done makes it extremely hard for him to change. He and Evie have some obstacles to deal with if they ever stand a chance. The writing of this book draws you in and you can’t help but get invested and wish for a good outcome even though each page gives you a sense of dread as you wait for something awful to happen. King is an unapologetic character and Evie is his biggest supporter as he is hers, they are just meant to be together.

This was a great book with alternating points of view so you got to know what they were each dealing with and the reservations or revelations they were having. This is a great introduction into the Storm MC and if you haven’t read any of Nina’s books before you will definitely be able to pick this book up and start from here. As this gives you a taste of the Storm MC and a few of its members it spurs you on to wanting to know more and I am especially intrigued to find out exactly what it is Nitro likes to do. Read this book as I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Louise G.