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Review : Retrieval by Aly Martinez


As a fan of Aly Martinez I knew this book would be well written and with anything Aly writes I have no hesitation to jump right so often don’t look at the blurb so found myself truly being thrown through the emotional wringer with ‘Retrieval’ the first in a duet. I have to give this story 5 wonderful stars.

I really struggled with writing a review for this book as I sat down to do it multiple times but just couldn’t find the right words to express how I felt about it. The emotions that are evoked through the words on the page are all consuming. There is no doubt that this is an emotional read about true love, a love that is everything good and bad, epic and sad, healing and heart breaking.

Roman and Elisabeth’s story is one that is not easy to read at times, it is true to how people can be torn apart by tragedy no matter how much they want to stop it from happening but are spectators in their own lives. Love was never really the issue but the connection and communication are what is lost and needs to be found again. Given that chance Roman and Lissy need to fight for it.

I loved the characters in this story and their resilience and strength also I think that I might be in love with Roman as he truly is amazing. The way that the story evolves around more than just Roman and Elisabeth and how things happen for a reason was wonderfully written. The emotions leak from the pages and you are pulled into the pain of their situation along with everything else.

This is an amazing book that is so wonderfully written but to do it justice in a review I would need to reveal more than I want to. I want you to feel everything yourself when you read this book and be immersed in it as much as I was. An amazing story that I think you would be a fool not to read.

Reviewed by Louise G.