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Review : Road to Destiny by Jani Kay

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

If you are looking for a sexy, gritty, exciting, thrilling MC Series then Scorpio Stinger MC is it ! Road to Destiny is book 5 and again we are reunited with one of my favorite couples of all time, Ryder and Jade. This couple have been to hell and back together, faced obstacles that would of torn apart anyone's relationship, survived danger, road blocks and even their own stubbornness at times. Now however they are yet again faced with danger and obstacles. 

The story starts with them finally on the path to an HEA. Ryder and Jade seem to have weathered the storm and with her pregnant with twins she is busy dreaming of her upcoming reality, completely unaware that soon everything will be torn apart.

How will Ryder protect his family ? Will Club life be too much for Jade to bear ? When decisions are made and sides taken .. one thing will remain a mystery .. will this couple forge the road ahead together or will destiny have a different route planned ?