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Review : The Rocker That Holds Her by Terri Anne Browning


‘The Rocker That Holds Her’ is book 5 in ‘The Rocker’ series by Terri Anne Browning. In book one we get to read the story of Nik and Ember but it was all written from Ember’s point of view and this is where we get to find out what was going through Nik’s head with the story told through his eyes. I give 4 stars for this book in the series.

When reading the first book in this series about Nik and Ember I was curious at the time as to what Nik’s point of view would be in particular right at the very beginning when he finds her after a beating. I was intrigued to know why he protected her and when his feelings changed.

This book gave me the answers I wanted and more. It must be said however that some people might not like the fact that you are rereading some of the same scenes but just from a different point of view so you already knew what was going to happen but personally I didn’t mind as I wanted to know the other side and had since the first time I read the scenes.

Another well written book by Terri Anne Browning and a great addition to the series that is worth reading if like me you loved ‘The Rocker’ series and all the guys.

Reviewed by Louise G.