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Review : The Rocker That Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning


‘The Rocker That Holds Me’ is the first book in ‘The Rocker’ series by Terri Anne Browning and what a start it is. I thoroughly enjoyed this first in the series and it absolutely made me want to read more of the books, 5 stars from me.

In this book we are briefly introduced to all the guys in the band but this book really focuses on Nik, the lead singer and Ember, the girl they all looked out for and in some ways saved her. Ember is a good few years younger than the guys but they had all looked out for her since she was five and then especially when she was around fifteen.

Although close with all of them in the band Ember is closest to Nik and Jesse. One of them, Jesse, she sees as a big brother type and the other, Nik, is the guy of her dreams. She has been in love with Nik for years and has tried her best to hide her feelings from everyone as she is sure he doesn’t feel the same and she would rather not risk rejection from him and the fallout thereafter should he turn her down.

Nik has had feeling for Ember for a while now and although he thinks it‘s kind of wrong to have these feelings he cannot help them. He is finding it harder to be around her and not make her his, she is literally the girl of his dreams. Ember and Nik are so right for one another. They are both scared of changing things and being rejected that it takes one drunken night to make them face up to things.

This is a brilliant, witty, sweet and charming story and even with the horrible things that Ember has faced in her life she has so much to be thankful for and these four guys have given her everything. It is a quick read that you will not put down and will plough right through until the end and then if you are like me you will just start straight away on the next one. Terri Anne Browning manages to grab you with these characters and that makes you embrace them into your heart and not feel satisfied until I know if they all get what they deserve for being so amazing.

Reviewed by Louise G.