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Review : The Rocker That Loves Me by Terri Anne Browning


This is the 4th book in Terri Anne Browning’s ‘The Rocker’ series and I have to say that I have loved getting to know all the band so far and was thrilled that I continued to love them with this book. ‘The Rocker That Loves Me’ is another brilliant read and I give it 5 stars.

With each book I think I have met my favourite band member but the final member of Demon Wings was my favourite. Shane was a player with a revolving door of women but it wasn’t until I read his brothers book did I realise there was a darker reason for this and that he used these women to keep his mind from going back to his past. Like we found out about his brother Drake before him Shane is very much a tortured soul and you honestly just want to comfort him. Never does Shane think he will ever fall for anyone as he didn’t think he could with being as damaged as he is.

Harper has an overbearing mother who has always put her down resulting in a young woman with no confidence in herself and with a sense of no self-worth. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would ever catch the eye of a gorgeous womanising rocker.

Harper has no experience with guys and has a whole barrage of issues about her body but Shane sees her as the stunning beauty that she truly is and will do his best to make her see it too. They are a great couple with plenty of heat and chemistry between them.

Terri Anne Browning has managed to give us a bunch of guys who are all sweet, tender, compassionate and loving but who are also sexy as sin and are just as passionate about their women as they are about their music. You get the sense right from the start but that also grows with each book just how close they all are, they are more than just band mates, they are a family and its great getting to know them all.

Reviewed by Louise G.