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Review : Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci

***ARC Provided In Exchange for Honest Review***

Roman Crazy’ is all about second chances in friendship and love.  Alice Clayton & Nina Rocci paired together to write an amazing book about falling in love again and rebuilding friendships.  The descriptive writing they did with describing Rome and everywhere the characters traveled was absolutely amazing and I loved all of the little details.  Alice Clayton has always been a favorite of mine because I love how she always adds great humor into her stories!

Avery Bardot is embarking on an adventure to find herself again, oh and to get far away from a soon to be ex-husband.  Her friend Daisy tells her to come visit her in Rome and just relax and have fun, so she takes her up on her offer.  Leaving behind the socialite status and snooty “friends”, she packs her bags and catches the first flight out after an incident with her soon to be ex-husband. 

Marcello Bianchi is what I call an Italian Stallion.  He is an architect that works with Avery’s friend Daisy, and someone that Avery never imagined she would see again.  As soon as she enters a welcoming dinner for her thrown by Daisy’s friends, she falls on the floor when she sees him for the first time in 9 years.  No literally falls on the floor because she missed her chair!  Ok, I definitely laughed out loud when that happened.  Avery cannot believe that the man she had a summer fling with is right in front of her, and with another woman.  Who would have thought she would come to Rome to get away from her soon to be ex-husband and run into the one man who made your heart flutter every moment you saw him.

This book made me laugh quite a bit because Avery’s friend Daisy was just hilarious with how she lived vicariously through Avery.  She always had little comments to make about Avery and Marcello and it was enough to keep you on the entertained side.  Avery was a great character, except she needed to be a little less down on herself sometimes.  She was doubtful a lot but a lot of it had to do with her past with Marcello.  Marcello definitely didn’t have any issue going right back to Avery, he knew what he wanted and worked for it.  I love how he was a bit aggressive at times, but he who doesn’t love an aggressive Italian man!

Alice and Nina did an amazing job on this book and I give it a solid 4 stars.  I would have loved a little more drama, because I like drama when it comes to relationships, but it was a great second chance love story!

Reviewed by Jodi N.