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Review : The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Powerful .. Emotional .. Breathtaking .. this novel will forever stay in a small corner of your soul. 

Brittainy C. Cherry isn't only a talented story teller, she is also a mastermind at bringing ones emotions to the forefront. To make her reader FEEL every single emotion deep inside their bones. 

To be able to weave such a magical, unforgettable story with such power, emotion and heart is something only a truly gifted writer can accomplish and gifted she is.

The Silent Waters is book Three in the Elements Series and can be read as a stand alone however if you haven't experienced any of her stories before I humbly suggest you one click on EVERY SINGLE thing she has written.

Maggie Riley has loved Brooks since forever. The sun set and rose on him. Brooks however didn't quite return the feeling with such rigor, for him it was more of a love hate relationship. They always had a bond, a bond as strong as any two young children could have, until one day, one instance, changes both their lives forever. The banter between a young Maggie and Brooks had me in tears laughing .. all until they grew up and circumstances had me in tears for completely different reasons.

Together they learn so many lessons .. form so many memories .. and come to realize through good and bad times that soundlessness is more powerful than any vocal word uttered. Life is not always perfect, not always fair, not always happy but then again nor are individuals. 

How Maggie and Brooks evolve is a true blessing to be able to experience. They will fight, fall, and rise. With words, without words but always together. 

If you want to read an emotional, beautiful love story then The Silent Waters is a One Click Must for YOU !