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Review : Stadium of Lights by Tia Lewis


I really enjoyed the story of the bad boy NFL player and his childhood friend who made him realize that the plays off the field are the ones that really count. 

Max is the star Quarterback who has everything he could ever want. A great career, friends, money, and more women than he knows what to do with at his beck and call. The one thing missing however he comes to realize his a piece of back home.

Abby was the girl next door, the one everyone ignored. The classic case of the ugly ducking turned into swan. After returning home from Europe for a job at one the best NFL teams in the country, her job as a physical therapist is to make sure her players are in top shape. She never in a millions years thought that the one boy who had stolen her heart all those years ago would be one of those players. 

Abby is the one person who was ever able to put Max thru his paces, knock him down a peg or two and the one to always make him confront reality head on. She is also in love with him. Together after all those years, sparks fly and a passion is ignited. Will these two friends be able to make the transition into friends turned to lovers smoothly or will jealousy, miscommunication and fear finally put a wedge between them? 

How will Max react when Abby's true feelings start becoming apparent? and how will Abby deal with the womanizing, party loving ways of a star NFL player. 

The push and pull is energizing, the passion sizzlingly and the underlying love so beautiful.

Will Max let her walk away again or will Abby finally be able to get this player to open his eyes ?