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Review : Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn


Having read books by Meghan Quinn already my expectations of the writing for ‘Stroked Long’ were quite high already but I have to say she managed to surpass them. I loved this 5 star read as not only does she deliver with the wit and banter as always but she manages to tug harder at your heartstrings with this book just a little bit more than usual and it was an amazing read.

To the outside world Bodi Banks is sexy, confident, self assured, successful and loved by all but inside he is such a different person. Bodi has been successful in hiding his ‘quirks' from others and is quite a reserved, regulated and closed off. After suffering a tragedy that he blames himself for he doesn't feel deserving and has managed to isolate himself by not engaging in relationships. Viewing himself as broken he focuses on what he can control in his life such as training, swimming and achieving his medals.

When offered the chance to organise an event with Bodi, Ruby Hearts jumps at the chance. Secretly Ruby has crushed on Bodi for some time and this might just be her opportunity to impress him. For all of Bodi’s reservations Ruby is over the top excited, these two couldn't be further ends of the scale from each other. She is just as socially awkward but in a sense that she is often too loud so you cant help but read with interest how it pans out when she comes barging into Bodi’s life.

This book was so much more than what I was expecting. Meghan has a way of writing that always has you smiling and laughing at and with the characters in her books through the witty dialogue and situations that they find themselves in but with this book there were more complexities to deal with in Bodi and Ruby’s  personalities. It is quite obvious early on that Bodi is dealing with much more than social awkwardness and you instantly take him into your heart. Watching as he and Ruby develop and get to know one another is such a hopeful, loving, funny and angsty read.

This is another brilliant book about two people who are so wrong for one another that they are actually the perfect fit with their contrasting personalities that they even each other out. You can’t help but be entranced in their story and take Bodi and Ruby into your heart as one of my favourite book couples. I can’t recommend this book enough.

Reviewed by Louise G.