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Review : Styx by Victoria Ashley

***ARC in Exchange for Honest Review***

Victoria Ashley has made it damn near impossible to choose which Walk of Shame man would be my favorite!  Just when I think she has given me my favorite sexy stripper, I am falling head over heels for another one.  She definitely does not disappoint with Styx in her latest WOS book!

Styx is one of the sexy next generation strippers at the Walk of Shame and boy he is a favorite of the women.  Every night that he works, he cannot keep the ladies off of him and is constantly being propositioned for all sorts of naughty things by these women.  As much as he loves the attention and the women, he is starting to realize that he is missing what Cale, Hemy, and Slade all have, LOVE.  He wants to find that one woman, but doesn’t want a girl that is always at the strip club fawning over all of the men each night.

Styx meets Meadow, the sexy woman that comes into his gym one night late to work off some steam.  She’s a nurse at one of the local hospitals and definitely has Styx’s attention once he sees her working out.  She just wants to hit the gym after work to blow off some steam, and in the process Styx comes to her rescue when two creeps start hitting on her.  She’s captured by the sexy, brooding man who knows her name, but she doesn’t know his.  Little does she know, she will be learning his name sooner than she thinks, especially after she finds the flyer on her car that pushes her in the right direction on where to find this man!

Styx is a take charge and go after what he wants man.  Meadow is a little shy at first because she doesn’t want to get into something that can get her hurt.  She has lost her whole family and really doesn’t want to get attached to someone, to lose them in the end.  She is hesitant at first, but once Styx turns on his charms, she is a pile of goo for his taking!  She can be sassy and fun, and definitely has a side to her you wouldn’t imagine.  She is the perfect adventure for him and the perfect remedy for his obsessive tendencies, with her and family.

Hot steamy nights at the club and in the bedroom lead you to a story you will not want to put down!  I devoured this book quickly, but I always do with Victoria’s stories.  I have such a soft spot for these Walk of Shame men and I never want to let them end.  I fell in love with Styx in the last book, Stone, but him getting his own book really won me over.  Styx is an awesome character and I loved Meadow for him.  They go together so great, even though they both have some family issues to get over.  Victoria once again blew me away and I don’t ever want the WOS men to go away!  HOT, HOT, HOT, is all I can say when it comes to these men and Styx was burning up my kindle!!

5 Amazing Stars

Reviewed by Jodi N.