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Review : Taking Tessa by Aria Cole


Aria Cole is a new author to me and I’m always pleased when you find a new author that you really enjoy reading their writing. This is what happened when I picked up ‘Taking Tessa’ by Aria Cole and I give it 3.5 stars.

We discover that Tessa has been sheltered and controlled her whole young life by her overbearing step-father. When Tessa’s mother died there was no one else to care for her bar her step-father and he kinda went off the rails a bit and in a bid to save Tessa from the dangers of the evil outside world he keeps her imprisoned in her home. The problem is though that after years locked away she decides to test exactly what her boundaries are.

When Police officer, Cage West knocks on Tessa’s door one day after having a report of a possible kidnapping he doesn’t expect to find someone like Tessa on the other side of the door. His arrival on her doorstep allows Tessa the opportunity to escape her step-fathers clutches.

There is instant heat and chemistry between Tessa and Cage and he can’t help but want to look after her. The issue I have is that things between them happen a bit too quickly considering what she has been through and has had drilled into her for years. Cage is there for Tessa, to support her and he also shows her some tenderness and love.                                                   

The writing in itself is good and the story is quite a quick read but I had expected more and would have loved more drama from Tessa in coming to terms with the outside world and her relationship with Cage. There are some hot scenes between Cage and Tessa and he is definitely one hot cop with a big alpha male complex.
After reading this I will be keeping an eye out for more from Aria Cole and am looking forward to see what she writes.

Reviewed by Louise G.