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Review : Teach Me Like That by Marie James


Sexy and funny Teach Me Like That will have you wishing the story never ends. 

Second in the Love Me Like That Series, this standalone will have you racing to get Book One faster than the announcement of the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. 

Kegan is your typical playboy, he doesn't like responsibility, relationships or anything that will make him invest any time or emotions. Fun loving and fancy free is the best way to describe this sexy man. Lexi however is the polar opposite, responsibility, relationships and hard work is the corner stone of her ethics. A Kindergarten teacher at a prestigious School, Lexi lives and dies by the book. That is until one man who will test all she thought was true comes waltzing into her life. 

With odds against them, personality clashes and someone that can ruin everything, these two must decide if the passion brewing between them is worth all the heart ache that is coming their way. Will Kegan be able to the man Lexi needs him to be or will he run at the first sign of trouble ? Will the straight laced Lexi be able to let loose and finally let her emotions rule her heart? 

Love, passion and decisions .. which will win out in the end ? Read and find out !