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Review : Unexpectedly Wilde by Rose Chen


Unexpectedly Wilde’ by  was unexpectedly quick and fun. I actually really enjoyed the plot to this story, boss and employee fantasy turned reality. The story is based around Lucas and Cate, both district attorneys. Lucas is superior to Cate in the workforce. Cate finally gets a weekend off and away from her job. She heads to Vegas, with the hopes of hooking up and gambling. To her surprise, she runs into her boss on the plane, she fantasizes about him, they have the same hotel and then he needs her to be his fake date for his best friend’s wedding.

Granted, the story is quite cliché in so many manners, it was a fun to read. Rose Chen has a great humor. She incorporated some awkward scenes that had me giggling out loud. Loved it.

However, what I didn’t like about the novel was the instalove. Yeah, they had an attraction for one another. But one weekend of crazy amount of sex does not equate to falling in love. The read was fast but so was their relationship. There was a lot of room in this story to expand it a little and allow for some character development. This story had a lot of potential.

With that, my rating for this novel was 3.5 stars. 

Reviewed by Kris F. for B&B Book Blog