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Review : Why Lie? by Carey Heywood


 There are just some times when you read yourself into a bit of a book funk and just need something light and well written for you to get out of it. Well that and so much more is exactly what I found in, “Why Lie?’. Carey Heywood’s writing is flawless in this book, 5 wonderful stars.

Although this is the second book in the series it can definitely be read as a standalone but will give you spoilers if you haven't read the first book and want to go back to it. Personally for the full effect I think you should read the first book before starting this one.

Sydney is usually a confident and feisty female and is quite happy in with her life so when someone who she never thought would be interested in her (won;t say who as its a nice surprise) flirted a little bit one night she goes with it and is happy to see where it goes. For one intense week Sydney opened herself up to him and let him and things escalated into a bit of a hot and passionate fling. Problem is, Sydney had feelings for him so is rocked to the core when the small town they live in is buzzing with the news of his relationship with someone else literally only hours after he had left Sydney’s bed.

Months later he is determined to win her back but she (very rightly in my opinion) wants nothing to do with him. At this point I was furious with him and the balls he had to think that that she would. However of course things change and he totally won me over.

After n accident Sydney needs help and he is the one that is there for her whether she wants him to be or not. Not only is he with her every day he takes it further and when she is home he takes her in to look after her and cater for all her needs. Slowly her opinion of him changes from haters to some of the feelings that she might have had for him before but her biggest stumbling block is can she really trust him not to hurt him again.

The male in the story has so much going on in his life but the way he looks after and apologises to Sydney does melt your heart and believe mine was quite against him at the start. I loved how you see him realise that mistakes he made and how he will do anything to prove he should get a second chance.

I loved this book from beginning to end and just could not put it down, I ended up staying awake all night to finish meaning I wasn't quite awake at work the next day but at least the book was worth it. The story is of two people who are meant for each other but are broken apart by mistakes that he made and now need to build trust and friendship before things can go any further. We watch their bond grow and the intense feelings build and build. It was such sweet, endearing, loving and heartbreaking story all wrapped up into a perfectly written bundle. Even the epilogue had me tearing up but smiling at the same time. I couldn't recommend this book enough.

Reviewed by Louise G.