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Review : Wilder by Rebecca Yarros


As I am already a fan of Rebecca Yarros I was keen to get my hands on her new book and ‘Wilder’ did not disappoint. This is a 4.5 star read for me as I loved this start to her new book series. Like her other books Rebecca Yarros has managed to bring us another amazingly written new book with great fun, flirting, banter and angst.

Leah is given the opportunity to travel the world for a year but she has to be the tutor to Paxton Wilder, leader of the Renegades. The Renegades are a thrill seeking gang who live for doing dare devil stunts. Already a huge YouTube sensation and wanting to make a documentary about his life and stunts Paxton must pass his classes to get the funding he needs. In order to get the pass he needs he requires the help of Leah.

This is a great chance for Leah, to travel the world and to study at the same time and all she has to do is tutor Paxton. That however is easier said than done when she is insanely attracted to Paxton and he seems to enjoy pushing her boundaries, making her react.

The attraction between Leah and Paxton was almost palpable at times. The writing made the characters come to life with the banter between them but also with the affection and friendship that developed. Doing their best not to fall for each other, Leah and Paxton were fighting the inevitable. Both had their issues that they needed to face in order to truly open up and let each other in. In the backdrop of all of this is the fact that their might be someone sabotaging the equipment and putting  lives at risk. But, just who can it be? More than just a tutor/student romance and worth picking up and reading. I would happily recommend this book to others.

Reviewed by Louise G.