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Review : Always Be True : Tino by Alexis Morgan

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

‘Always Be True  :  Tino’ by Alexis Morgan is the second novel in the Sergeant Joe’s Boys series  .
Tino is the second of three adopted sons  .  He is also the middle child of his adopted brothers  .  His family loves him deeply and they are all proud of him because of his military background  .  All of the sons went into the military  ,  their adoptive father was in the military before he adopted them  .  His father is now gone  .  Tino decided to leave the military so that he could help to be there for his adoptive mother  .

Natalie is a hard-working  ,  dedicated  ,  and committed head of her grandfather’s charitable company  .  She does the behind the scenes work and on site work to make sure that the different charitable needs are met  .  She has just broken up with her fiancé  .  She realized that even though they share the same kind of background  ,  that they do not see the world the same  .
Tino and Natalie meet on the site of her current project  .  He saves her from walking into a can of paint  .  They begin to date  ,  but Tino begins to realize that their backgrounds are on two very different sides  .  He does not feel as though he can measure up to her standards  .  And she appreciates him for who and what he is  .

He works to be able to be a part of her life  .  It is difficult because her parents expect that she will end up back with her ex fiancé  .  Her grandfather however realizes the merit of Tino and likes him a lot better than the ex  .

Will Tino be able to overcome his own feelings  ?  Or will their relationship be over before it even begins  ?

I really liked this book  .  It was a great read .  I would give this book four stars  .

Reviewed by Nicole W.