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Review : Amore : Part 2 by Bella Jewel


Heart pounding and panty melting .. Amore : Part 2 is the thrilling conclusion to yet another fantastic story Bella Jewel has provided us. 

Amore P2 picks up after Julietta has given birth. This new mother's nightmare is just starting, when most new mothers are glowing with excitement and bemoaning the lack of sleep, Julietta is racking her brain on how to protect those she loves. 

He promised her the Mafia would never touch her .. he was wrong .. so horribly and tragically wrong. 

Faced with no way out, one woman must betray her own heart and the man she loves to protect everyone else she loves. The twists and turns in the story will blow you away but the heart wrenching decisions one person is faced with will tear your heart apart. 

When the piper comes to collect and the truth is discovered what will happen ? Will Rafael be able to protect the woman he loves or will the secrets that unfold be too much too bear ? Is it too late for them? 

This thrilling read is a five star emotional journey and a must read for all.