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Review : Because Beards Anthology

*ARC In Exchange for Honest Review*

'Because Beards' by various artists is a collection of short, sexy reads about men with beards.  Never would I have imagined a books would be written like this, but there is a beard craze lately!  So many talented authors that worked on this project, and let me tell you, there some really good ones in this collection!

I have a man with a beard and never in my life would I have looked it at like some of these stories talk about.  Ok never say never because I could relate with  Livy from 'How to Kill A Lady Boner' by Ace Gray.  Livy is turned off by beards because of what could be lurking inside of them.  I know how that feels *LOL*  It takes some coaxing and you definitely need to look it up to see if she comes around!

Each of these stories were short and sweet.  Many of them were very steamy, and for short reads, I LOVE steamy!  Right to the point is great.  So many sexy, bearded men to choose from, and so many animalistic women who love them!

Another good one I enjoyed in this collection was 'To Beard or Not to Beard' by J. Quist.  A girl barber is what caught my attention first, but the chemistry between her and her bearded friend sizzles, even though neither of them want to notice it.  Plus to the readers she bars for the same team, but you get surprised if you keep reading!

This collection gets 4 bearded stars from me.  Definitely something to pick up if you want something quick!

Jodi N.