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Review : Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig


GRITTY .. SEXY .. CAPTIVATING .. This story will hook you in from the start ! 

K.L. Kreig wrote such a spell binding story about love, lose and redemption that it had me all over the place with my emotions. I could not put this book down until I read the end, and then I was left to ponder all the feelings it left inside me. 

The story unfolds in three sections .. three important and vital parts and as it unfolds and as you begin to delve deeper and deeper into the story, the Author with her magically writing style will make it seem as you as right there with them. 

Black Swan Affair is about three childhood friends whose lives are so closely interwoven that from their earliest memories is one another. Maverick has been in love with Killian since she could remember and that love was never one sided, Killian has loved her as well. He has always had a starring role in her fantasies, her heart and soul. All up until one betrayal destroys it all. 

Kael has been the steadfast brother, loving Maverick from afar, knowing that she is in love with his brother. He has stood by her, loved her and protected her. One day .. one decision .. changes the course of these three peoples lives forever. 

When the time is right, Kael makes his move and makes Maverick his wife. She has made a choice but what is in her heart is not what you would think a newly married woman would feel. 

We go along on the journey of Kael and Maverick, watch as their marriage unfolds. The chemistry between them is scorching hot and the sex scenes hot enough to set your Kindles on fire. Slowly Maverick comes to see a different side of her childhood friend now husband. She becomes conflicted, feelings for Killian are still there along with new exciting ones for her husband. 

Secrets are revealed and when everything is out in the open, what will become of these three ? Will Maverick choose Kael or Killian ? 

A gripping, sexy tale that is a top favorite of mine for 2016.