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Review : Blow by Heidi McLaughlin


I love Heidi McLaughlin. Her novels are amazing. And for me, Blow was no different. Heidi knocked it out of the park with it. Her characters, the back story of their past. The struggles they endure, helped mold their character through the story. 

For some this this novel might be hard. Due to the drug use aspect and some situations. For me it wasn't hard to read these types of novels. I find them a way to relate, to see the struggles. To connect with a flawed character.  And Heidi did this with Bodhi. 

He's a struggling addict. A musician. The front of the most liked boy band in America. He's always been the center of everything. 

Getting everything he's ever wanted. 

The fame, the chicks, money. 

Everything is his. 

Everything belongs to him, until it becomes to much. 

When you have it all, expectation can lead a person into a destructive path. 

Temptations can rise. 

Life can get hard. 

And to stay at the top, you have to be more than you are. 

Bodhi tries to keep everything in check, even his addiction. 

That is until is manager makes him go to rehab. 

Even though Bodhi, might think this will ruin him. This might actually be his saving grace. 

I found I couldn't put this new series by Heidi down. 

I give it five stars. I can't wait for the next in this heart shattering new series. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.