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Review : Broken by Lisa Edward

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

What happens when two broken people find themselves drawn together? 
A beautiful love story is what happens!

I was gifted Broken by Lisa Edward and I have to say it was a wonderful romance story that tugs on the heartstrings. I really do love books that allow me the chance to feel everything the characters are feeling. This book gave me that and so much more.

When Evie went on a journey of self discovery, she never encountered that she would meet someone else as broken as her. Years prior Evie gave up her writing to allow a man mould her into someone she wasn’t. She agreed to a marriage she knew would never work.

Adam is a man lost, a man who relocated to be with a woman he loved only to discover she didn’t feel the same in return. When he travels to the Hamptons for eight weeks to deal with some major changes in his life he never imagined he would meet a woman like Evie.

This is a compelling story that made me very emotional. I fell in love with both these characters because their stories were heartbreaking and extremely well written. You want nothing more but the best for them both and get pulled into a rollercoaster of emotions when you go through each little thing they have to deal with.

There are so many things I could say, but I believe it’s a book you should really go and buy and get lost in. You won’t regret it. 

This is a five star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J.