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Review : Crosstalk by Connie Willis

Crosstalk by Connie Willis is an amazing Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy. I wasn't sure how the sci-fi was going to work with the Rom Com but it did. And brilliantly. I really enjoyed the premise of the book and couldn't wait to dive in. It kept me turning page after page. 

Briddey and Trent are coworkers in a mobile phone company and have been dating. Trent takes Briddey to the hottest restaurants, sends her flowers, texts in the morning, all the things women hope to have from a man in their life. He proposes for them to have a procedure called an EDD, which will reveal the depths of their emotions to feel them instead of just the words spoken. Trent knows from this procedure that Briddey will feel how much he loves her. The only issue is nosey coworkers and family that keep butting in. 

I loved this book but parts of it drove me insane. The coworkers and family were very relatable for me as I deal with these types of people on a daily basis. Ms. Willis did a fabulous job writing a Sci-Fi Rom Com that works! The book did seem a little too much in places but it was easily overlooked by the quality of the writing. I would definitely recommend this book. If you typically are just a Rom Com reader, don't let the Sci-Fi scare you off. I think you will enjoy Crosstalk as much as I did. 

Reviewed By : Jennifer M.