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Review : Distraction by Angela McPherson


This is my first novel by Angela McPherson. Distraction is a new adult contemporary romance. It's a college romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the friends to lovers aspect through the novel. The characters were well written and the dialogue as well. 

Elle Richards is a junior in college, having a normal college experience. Having her best friend Tristian Daniels at her side. Everyday she was great at hiding her true feelings. Even if the one she loved was Tristan. She loved her friendship with him, was scared he didn't love her back. Or she would lose his friendship. One she treasured all their lives. They truest each other was their to see each other accomplish their goals towards their dreams. Elle lives everyday watching him fall in love with other women. Being at his side for every moment of his life. 

But sometimes when going for a person's dream, events change. Life changes. And for Elle and Tristan, it changed. 

Tristan Daniels didn't know his best friend from childhood had feelings for him. Never thought to try anything with her. He thought of their friendship, never wanting to hurt her. 

Keeping his true thoughts to himself, he lived his life separate. 

Both their lives grew apart. They kept in touch with each other. Only never truly giving in.

Four stars all the way. This book for me was a great start to an amazing series. Can't wait for more Elle and Tristan in book 2. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.