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Review : Down Shift by K. Bromberg


Kirsty Bromberg without a doubt knows how to write an amazing romance full of drama and emotion. ‘Down Shift’ is her latest book and although technically book 8 in the ‘Driven’ series it can completely be read as a standalone, although I would recommend reading all the other books as they are all just brilliant reads. 5 Huge stars from me.

Zander Donovan is introduced to us in this book from straight away as a bit of a drunk hot head and he is forced to take a step back and evaluate a few things. In order to get his head sorted and see things straight he decides to take time out at a beach cottage. Unfortunately it is not quite the solitude he was hoping for in order to deal with things but then that might not be the worst thing.

Also at the cottage to get away from the controlling men in her life such as her super rich ex-husband and her father, is Getty. She is finally getting the time to discover who she is and what she wants and also to deal with all the verbal and emotional abuse she has endured for so long. Never did she think that she would be dealing with someone like Zander when she was still trying to get her own crap together. Right from the start there is a spark between the two although they definitely rub each other up the wrong way quite a bit but that just adds to our entertainment.

Both Zander and Getty have demons inside that they need to overcome, he is arrogant, frustrating but also so loving and gentle. She is sweet, genteel but also so frightened and fragile. What they both truly are inside though is strong and that strength grows as they do. Both have been though terrible times and that has left a huge imprint on both of them but they truly support each other through dealing with it. What started out as an almost loathing of each other turns out to be something wonderful.

This is a brilliant read that has you going through a whole range of emotions as you genuinely feel for them both. As ever Kirtsy Bromberg has written a wonderful story that has you enthralled from the get go. If you have read the other books then this is a MUST and even if this is the first in the series for you it is a ONE CLICK MUST.

Reviewed by Louise G.