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Review : Dream Maker by Erin McCarthy

Dream Maker by Erin McCarthy is the second book in the series Nashville Nights.  This story is about Shane and Avery.  Shane is a well known music producer and Avery is a  music writer trying to get her music out there.   They both have secrets that they try hard to keep hidden but once the sparks start to fly between the two, the secrets come out and takes them by surprise.  Shane is taken by Avery from the beginning but doesn't know how to make a relationship work.  Avery is smitten by Shane but is still riding the upsets that her ex caused her.  

I enjoyed Shane's character but Avery was lacking a backbone for most of the story.  She whined often and I didn't seem to understand why she would get upset at some things. The writing style was a bit slow at first, but seemed to pick up speed half way through.  I enjoyed the premise of the story and all of the country characters and music.  It was an enjoyable book.  

Reviewed By : Jennifer A.