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Review : Elicit by M. Never


Dark .. Gritty .. Addictive .. M. Never NEVER fails to deliver a story that will leave you panting and begging for more.

Elicit is Book 5 in the Decadence After Dark Series and I would highly recommend you reading at least Owned ( Book One ) in the series to fully understand the intricacy of the story. The story centers around Jett and London. A couple you would think would never work, never make it, read and find out how they prove that theory wrong. 

London is broken, to her .. broken beyond repair. Facing demons that nobody can fathom unless they too have lived through her experiences. She is emotionally closed off, it's the only way she can remain sane and survive through the day. Everything changes for her when she walks into the Mansion. There, one man will not only release her from her mind but will start to heal her as well. 

Jett is sexy and dominant yet tender, passionate and loving. He has so many facets to him that you would never of guessed. When London walks through the doors of the Mansion, instantly he is intrigued, what he never counted on was how this damaged girl would change and come to mean to him. 

The road ahead is not easy for these two. Not only does Jett have to overcome all the walls and barriers London has emotionally, he also has to be a protector to her when the past makes a reappearance. 

Will London finally find love, happiness and security ? Will Jett be the man to set her soul free? What will become of them when the past shows up? 

A dark romance that will suck you in from the moment you begin reading to the very end, Elicit is a ONE CLICK must for any lover of this genre.