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Review : The Exposure by Tara Sue Me

***ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

Tara Sue Me has written an amazing series with her Submission Series.  This ninth book in the series, 'The Exposure', is just as great as the other books, focusing on a new couple within her BDSM community.  I have read the first four books so I was familiar with many of the characters and it was nice to see all of them incorporated into this new book!

Meagan Bishop is a news executive that works with Abby from the original Submission books.  Technically Meagan is Abby’s boss, but also a friend from the BDSM community.  She is what they call a "switch" which in their lingo means she is a submissive as well as a dominant.  It all depends on what she is feeling for the day.  Meagan used to be a model, specifically a nude model for none other than Luke DeVann, a popular photographer.  When she first posed for Luke, their little one week romance turned upside down when Luke ditched her, but now he is back and wanting her to model 17 years later for a new BDSM advertisement book.

Luke DeVann, the well known photographer and BDSM club owner, was brought into this series in Abby and Nathaniel’s books.  He owns several clubs and Nathaniel actually went into business with him and they are currently working on a new club build.  Luke needs a model for an advertisement magazine and the only person he can think that he wants is Meagan, because even after 17 years he still cannot get her off of his mind.  Yes they see each other every once in a while since Meagan attends one of his clubs and with some past incidents, but never did these two imagine working together.  Little does Luke know, Meagan has a blackmailer that basically pushed her to work with Luke for some information.

Meagan and Luke Burned up the sheets in this book.  Even though they are only working together, neither of them can forget that amazing week they spent together 17 years ago that actually taught Meagan about BDSM.  If she hadn’t had those moments with Luke, she wouldn't be into the scene at all.  Her blackmailer wants information on Luke, but she just wants to be dominated by the man who stole her heart all those years ago.

Tara definitely knows how to write a steamy book and make you feel as though you are right there with the characters.  I love how all of her past characters in each of the books played a part in Meagan and Luke’s story and everything still flowed together, even though it went to different characters!

Solid 4 stars!!

Reviewed by Jodi N.