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Review : Fight by Molly McLain


I was so excited to get Fight that I couldn't sit still, after falling in love with Colton and Taylor in Fly I couldn't wait to find out what happened to one of my favorite couples. Molly McLain did not disappoint with this emotional, sexy follow up. This is one series you need to pick up ! 

Filled with love, friendship and angst, you will become completely immersed in this fast paced read. We had left Taylor hiding a secret from Colton at the end of Fly and her wondering if she should come clean or not. In Fight we begin to see how the consequences of ones actions affects not only them but those around them as well. Colton is dealing with the crazy influx of fans and figuring out his way amongst all his stardom. Sometimes fame comes at a steep price and he begins to see just how high that price is. 

Colton and Taylor have obstacles thrown in their way left and right. The road ahead is not easy but when two people who are meant other, you need to have faith that fate will make them find their HEA. Their friendship will be tested, their love even more so .. how will Colton and Taylor end up is one story you need to read to find out, trust me you won't be disappointed.