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Review : Four Letter Word by J. Daniels



First off I have to be honest and say that I own all of J. Daniels’ books on my kindle but have not read any of them yet. I know, it really is scandalous that I haven’t read them yet but I had heard so many amazing things about her writing that I have them geared up for when I am next on holiday so I can devour them all at once but when I saw the premise for this one I couldn’t help myself I had to read it now and thank god I did as I loved it. ‘Four Letter Word’ is a definite 5 star read for me.

This story was a new premise with the characters being introduced over a mistaken phone call and things progress from there. What initially draws you in is the brilliant writing with its smart witty banter between the two. Going all fierce and protective over her best friend and intent on letting go on the guy who broke her best friends heart Sydney gives him what for on the phone only to find it’s a not the right person on the other end. By dialling a wrong number Sydney Paige captures the attention of Brian Savage and he wants to keep listening.

Finding that he can’t quite Sydney out of his head Brian texts Sydney to check on her. Having an inexplicable want to make things better for Sydney and to listen and chat with her that’s what he does. Really what harm can a little flirting and chatting do? It is not meant to lead to anything but, of course it does. However Brian has a secret he is keeping and it might just be the breaking of them.

I am more than pleased to say that I loved this book and it was so much more than I had been expecting. It was not only filled with sexy banter and humour but also a deeper story underneath. This was a thrill to read that I am sure will be a highlight to most people’s reading lists this year, I know it was for me and now I am off to read some other books by J. Daniels that I have neglected for far too long.

Reviewed by Louise G.