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Review : Fractures by M.R. Field

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

WoW, just wow! 

Fractures by M.R Field was an amazing story about two best friends who fell in love and became more. An emotional roller coaster that sucked you in and had you hooked until the very end.

I absolutely devoured this book. Both Trinity and Theo’s stories had my heart breaking along with them at times, my emotions were all over the place. I truly loved how the author defined every little aspect of the pain and guilt suffered by each of her lead characters.

For me, I found Trinity to be a caring person who was very protective of her friends. She was spirited and brought just enough humor into the story to bring a smile to your face often. For a girl who had suffered so much she really was described as a beautiful person.

Theo’s character tore at my heart strings and made me angry at those who had wrong him so badly. For a family to treat one of their own in a manner like this is just wrong and it upset me to read how he coped with a cold-hearted father who showed no love toward him at all.

But, it’s the twists to this story that will draw you in and have you fighting with yourself to put it down. 

This is a five star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J